How to reset or recover windows XP password

This is the age of information and technology. This fact is clearly  evident from the use of smart phones, the internet, laptops, and  tablets. Everyone is excessively fond of technology and desire to make  the best out of the technology. To support such a wide network of  technology various operating systems are inundated in the market that  can serve the various technical operations well. One of the most  popular operating systems is Windows XP which was founded by  Microsoft. Since its inception, the Windows XP is widely supporting  many computer operations.

Despite the huge popularity of Windows XP, there can occur some  critical issues with the Windows XP account. Suppose anyone forgets  the Windows XP account password then how to recover it. This scenario  is a huge problem for millions of users of Windows XP. So, in this  blog, you will get an insight into the Windows XP password recovery.

Steps to reset Windows XP password:

There can be different ways to perform Windows XP password reset.  Let’s take an example of one of the methods.

  • If you want to reset your Windows XP password then first of all  reboot your computer. This step must be done in quite a safe mode.
  • In the next step simply click on start and go on the command run.  Now a box will open which indicates that now you have obtained an  access to all the user accounts.
  • To reset the password click admin user account followed by the reset  password.
  • Now enter the desired password in the new password tab.
  • In the last step, simply confirm your password. Simply save it by  clicking OK.

So, if you possess any doubt about this particular method or want to  learn new ways to reset Windows XP password then the best way is to  contact any renowned third-party technical support. This will clear  your doubts and you will be able to update your knowledge.

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