A Microsoft account gives you an access to operate different Microsoft websites in a user friendly way. It is really an awesome experience to operate different Microsoft user accounts. By using your account you can enjoy the exclusive services of Microsoft. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to execute Microsoft account in a smooth manner. The reasons can be numerous which can lead to inactivity of your Microsoft user account. One of the key reasons is you forget your password sometimes. Now, the question arises what to do in such a grave situation. One can have two options first is Microsoft account password reset. Another is Microsoft account password recovery.

Steps to reset Microsoft account password:

  • First of all open your Microsoft account in a web browser by using email id or user name.
  • Now click on can’t access your account.
  • Now if you forgot your password then click on forgot password link.
  • Now click next.
  • Now your account will verify your identity.
  • Answer the security questions asked and then click next.
  • Now go the option reset your password. In this step it will ask you to put your email address.
  • Now, link or code will be sent to you on your email id. Simply click on that and reset your password and confirm the change.

If you are using your smart phone to reset your password. Then code to reset your password will be sent on your phone. Just enter that code and after that you will be able to reset your Microsoft account password. So, this is the process related to Microsoft account password reset.

How to recover your Microsoft account password?

Some users face difficulty in recovering their Microsoft account password recovery as well. For Microsoft account password recovery what should one do? Are you seeking an answer to such a question? If yes then continue reading this paragraph.This sometimes becomes hard to recover your password. In this case, you can follow these instructions.

First of all Go to your Microsoft account login page and click on the icon sign in.

  • Now enter your account user name and click sign in.
  • After this continue the process further and click on I forgot my password.
  • Now again click on next.
  • Now you will be asked to type some characters as a way to confirm your security.
  • Once you enter your security information just repeat all the steps you can go to change your password by entering your email id or phone number.
  • You will be sent a code to any of these options to confirm your identity.
  • After confirming it, you will be able to change your password. All you are required to do is enter your new password and then confirm it. After confirming your password you will complete the process of Microsoft account password recovery.

If you confront any problem in the whole process of Microsoft account password recovery then you can contact any reliable third-party technical customer support. Just perform an extensive research before choosing the third-party agency.

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