Microsoft edge not working

You may have heard the name of different browsers such as Mozilla Fire fox, Google chrome, and Netscape navigator and so on. But are you familiar with a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft. Let’s introduce you to the graphical web browser Microsoft edge that is introduced by the Microsoft and compatible with Windows 10 and other devices has made the processing of Windows 10 quite fast.  Although this graphical web browser is quite popular among the clients, yet it is not free from the glitches. Users confront so many issues while using Microsoft edge. Now, the question arises what to do when Microsoft edge not working. Taking the below –mentioned steps can help you out in this regard:

Restart your personal computer: If Microsoft edge browser is not working properly, then you should take a number of steps.  The first step that can help you out is to restart your personal computer and clean boot it. To do clean boot just ensure to run your personal computer with a minimum set of drivers.

Reinstall Microsoft edge: If Microsoft edge is not installed properly, in this case, the users can face a problem to use the Microsoft edge. If you want to a solution of this problem immediately, then make sure to reinstall it. TO reinstall the Microsoft edge, press Window key and S together. After that you are required to type power shell.  Now right click the window shell and choose run as an administrator.

Clear the browse history: Once you clear the browsing history, it will help you in solving the problem of Microsoft edge not working.

Steps to reset Microsoft edge:

Want to reset Microsoft edge to solve the issues of the Microsoft edge not working. Just scroll below and follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First of all, take a step to clear browsing data.
  • If you wish to reset the Microsoft browser go to option and then click clear.
  • Now click start, type power shell and select run as an administrator.

Uninstall the latest Update

After doing all these steps your Microsoft edge browser will be reset successfully. If you still face any such issues, then you can contact any reliable third-party technical support agency. To choose such an agency just be cautious and do not invest the money in any fraudulent agency. Before choosing any third-party technical support performs your research well. It will not lead to any kind of repentance in future.