Gmail customer supportGmail is a free emailing service developed by Google with millions of users around the world. It is easy to use with multiple features which allows a user to send and receive emails or drop a file. Having an account in Gmail means you can use it to access other Google products also like Google play and Google music. Many times, you face issues like forgotten password, hacked Gmail account or missing mails. Though there are various simple and effective fixes available for these issues, but in case nothing works out for you, take the help of Gmail customer support. Gmail customer service is available anywhere anytime to help you out in fixing any issue.

Gmail customer support or Gmail support number

Gmail has an expert team with experienced professionals to help the users with Gmail related issues. If you are a Gmail user and facing any issue that you couldn’t resolve using other fixes, feel free to call Gmail customer service number +1-888-509-9555. Gmail customer support number is tollfree and provides you the best technical help. You can also contact Gmail customer support via email. Just explain your problem in detail and you will get a chat support for Gmail customer service. They also provide online live support in the form of chat forums.

Some of the common issues faced by Gmail users

Though there are many problems and issues which a Gmail user can face, some of the most common problems are:

  • You are unable to reset your password.
  • Your contact list has disappeared from Gmail.
  • Your Gmail messages are lost.
  • A forgotten password.
  • You are unable to access your Gmail account.
  • Someone has hacked your Gmail account.
  • You are not able to send reply to a message or a mail.
  • Gmail account suddenly stopped working.
  • You are not able to create a Gmail account.
  • Not able to login to your account.

There may be many problems which are not listed above.

Why do you need Gmail customer support service?

If you are facing any issue and are not able to solve it by your own, trying new ways out will only worsen the situation. Many challenges are there which need professional assistance. The Gmail customer service executives are well-trained and technically expert. A qualified expert on the other line guides you with simple steps to solve your issue.

How to fix Gmail login error?

Gmail Login ErrorGmail login error is not uncommon, everybody has faced it at-least once. If you too are facing this problem, read on to find the fixes for this error. Below are some common causes of Gmail login problem.

When the username or password is incorrect

The most common reason of Gmail login error is the incorrect username or password. Sometimes you spell a word incorrectly, or forgot to on/off caps lock or forget the password. Check the ID again and retry. If nothing works, reset your password. You have many recovery options to recover your lost password. You may opt for verification code via phone number or through recovery email address. You will get a recovery code, enter it in the required field and you will be redirected to the password recovery page. If you don’t have access to phone number or recovery email address, you can choose to answer the security questions. These are the questions you have chosen during the creation of your account. Answer these questions correctly.

Virus and Spam

Virus attacks may also create problem in login to your Gmail account. Uninstall and reinstall your anti-virus program and scan your system again. If it is not working replace it with a new one.

Problem in browser

If your browser is full of junk, it needs optimization. Try to delete the temporary files of your browser, clear the browser cache or update your browser. If nothing works, reset your browser.

Check your internet connection

Check if your internet connection has proper speed or not. Slow connection means lot of errors.

Check incoming server settings

If incoming and outgoing server address is incorrect, it will create a problem in login. Check the server address and authentication mode.

If above options don’t work for you, call on Gmail customer support.

How to change Gmail profile picture?

Profile picture helps the other users to identify you. It should be clear and bright enough to be visible. If you want to change your profile picture and replace it with a new one, see the below steps:

  • Open Gmail from your computer.
  • Click on settings.
  • Go to “My picture”. Click on About me.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Select a photo which you want to use as profile picture.
  • Click on done from the top right.

If you face any problem in above steps, call to Gmail customer service. They will assist you and help you to solve your problem.