Facebook news feed contains news feed and stories from friends, liked pages and any groups joined by you. By the process of ranking, Facebook gathers all the stories and provide the most relevant content at the top whenever you open your Facebook account. Ranking depends on the available inventory of stories, the signals and data points to confirm ranking decisions, the assumptions made by us and relevancy score of the story. When Facebook news feed is not working properly, you can miss out an important update or news.

The fans who are not interested in your page don’t recommend your posts to their friends and family to like your page. In worse condition, some people like your page but hide your posts which indicates that your content is undesirable.

In order to appear higher in the news feed, the number of comments, likes, description and reactions for a post should also be higher.

Posts in the Facebook news feed which have higher chances to be seen

  • If your friend or a family member has liked or commented on a post, you will get the news regarding that.
  • When your friend has shared a post from a publisher and someone has reacted to that, it is most likely to appear first in the Facebook news feed.
  • If there are many replies to each other’s comments for a video or article, then the news will rank higher.

Users can also adjust their settings according to what they want to see.

Facebook news feed not loading

Sometimes you open your Facebook account, but find delay in loading or no loading at all. Check the fixes below to fix the issue.

  • Clear your cache and temporary data, this will speed up the functioning of Facebook. You can clean your cache and temporary data by going to web browser’s settings or preferences. Just follow the instructions for your browser version and operating system. Try to load Facebook news feed again after clearing your cache and temporary data.
  • If the above method does not fix your issue, it may be because of a third-party browser extension that you are using. Disable these add-ons before going to the Facebook site again.
  • Switch to a different browser and check if the news is loading or not. If you are using Chrome browser, you can switch to Firefox or Safari or any other browser.

Facebook news feed not working

If your Facebook news feed is not working properly, try the below fixes:

  • Filter your news
    • The stories in your news feed are filtered by an algorithm which also decides how stories will be displayed in your news feed. Stories which have more comments and activities, gets to the “Top stories” due to news feed settings. These settings could also be adjusted to the “Most recent” to get the real time stories. Go to the arrow beside the “sort ”option from the top of home page and change the settings according to you.
  • Potential issues
    • Some other common issues are:
    • You may face the issue of missing news feed information on refreshing the home page or you may not get any new stories or content.
    • Limited functionality.
    • You are unable to comment on a friend’s post or problem in updating your status.
    • Refresh your browser and try again.
  • Blank home page
    • You may get a blank page or a completely white page in the news feed section. Refresh your browser and try again. Or enable Java Script get back your Facebook news feed.
  • Privacy settings
    • Go to “Privacy settings and tools” then “Timeline and tagging settings” and set your preferences according to your choice.
  • Ticker
    • Ticker is a feed of information that get continuously update. It displays snippets of friends’ activity in the upper right corner of Facebook page. If you have hidden or removed it, it will not appear. Click and drag the dividing line that appears between your chat sidebar and where your ticker usually appears. After 15 minutes, ticker stops updating and automatically updates the content when you become active again.

Facebook news feed eradicator

Facebook news feed eradicator removes your news feed and live ticker and replace it with an inspirational quote. It blocks the distracting Facebook newsfeed. This plugin was built as a Web Extension and is a standard for browser plugins. It is currently supported in both Chrome and Firefox.

Steps to remove news feed eradicator:

  • Go to Chrome menu from the browser toolbar.
  • Click on tools and then on Extensions.
  • Un-check the box which is besides the news feed eradicator. Or you may also click on the Trash icon.
  • Reload Facebook.
  • See if you are getting Facebook news feed normally or not.

Facebook posts that contain video and photo gets more share and likes. Use the above tips to get your post ranking higher.