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Snapchat Streak

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows its users to share pictures and videos. This is a very popular platform, especially among the youth. All the content that is shared on Snapchat is referred to as Snap. This is simply because whatever we share on Snapchat appears for some time on the screen and then it disappears (the time is usually for a few seconds). You can either send the snap directly to one of your friends or you can post the snap on your timeline so that all your contacts can see your snap.

Snapchat Streak:

When two persons share snaps directly with each other consecutively for several days, this is called a Streak. Here, all you have to do is to send snaps back and forth without breaking the chain. Snapchat streak is very popular among the younger people of this age. People show their streaks as proof of their friendship. Having a long streak is praised by many people. Streak became even more popular when Snapchat started rewarding people for the longest streaks. There are rewards like 100 emoji for a streak that has lasted for 100 days. A mountain emoji is rewarded for extremely long streaks. This rewarding feature of the Snapchat has encouraged many teens very much passionate about creating much longer streaks. For such teens, it becomes very difficult when their streaks are broken.

Streak as described by those who love this feature:

Many people say that Snapchat streak is proof of how much they love someone. Streaks are described as very important proofs as it shows that for how long you were in contact with someone without a break. In this busy world where we have so many things to do and care about, we talk to one of our friends and then forget about them after a while. But along Snapchat streak shows that we are in continuous contact with someone. That is the most significant reason behind the trend of streaks in these days. Many teens use streaks as an important part of their lives. They put a lot of effort just to maintain their streaks with some of their friends. Streaks give the friends a sense of competition. Many people are very serious about their streaks. Such people claim that they feel terrible mental pressure whenever their streaks are ended.


There are always some technologies being introduced in the world frequently. Snapchat Streak is one of those features that has been designed to give us different ways of getting in touch with each other. But, in the end, we should care about how technology is affecting us in the long run. If any of your habits is becoming an obstacle for your productivity, you should avoid it. Especially the parents need to look after their children about how the children are using technology. Younger people can get addicted to anything very quickly. So, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children are using technology to improve productivity.

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