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How To Reset Gmail Password Without Phone Number

Here’s the way to modification your Gmail password if you’ve forgotten it, or if you’re thinking that your account has been compromised. unfortunately, without a secret question or an alternate email address, you won’t be ready to access your password. Google will, however, need you to complete at least one in every of these security measures – therefore if you don’t have a recovery mobile variety, you may have a backup address or security question check How to reset Gmail password  without phone number in this blog.

How to reset Gmail password without phone number

  1. Head over to the ‘Trouble signing In’ page, that you’ll find here:
  2. The page can ask you to enter your email. Do this, so press ‘Next’. If you can’t remember your email, you’ll additionally click the ‘Find my account’ button which is able to assist you to establish your account email address.
  3. Press next, and you may be asked to enter the last password that you simply remember using. So, if you can’t bear in mind your current password, you’ll move to follow step by memory an previous password.
  4. If you can’t remember unspecified passwords, you’ll additionally opt for the ‘Try a unique question’ choice, that seems below the massive blue ‘Next’ button.
  5. If you don’t apprehend your alternate email address, otherwise you don’t have one originated, you’ll once more press ‘Try a unique question’ and you may be asked once you created your Google account. If you’ll give the month and therefore the year, you may be ready to complete one stage of verification. If you continue to don’t have this data, you’ll once more press ‘Try a unique question’.
  6. Google can offer you the choice to use another email address on the following screen. you’ll additionally press ‘Try a unique question’ for an additional choice.
  7. without being able to verify that you simply are who you say you’re, Google won’t offer you access to your Gmail account, so as to stay your knowledge and private data safe.

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