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Reset Comcast Router

When you reset Comcast router, changes done by you will get erased that includes IP address, administrative password and wireless security key also. Your router will be restored to its default settings which is needed especially when you forget your password. Before going to reset Comcast router, check for the connectivity issues or try to reboot your router.

Quick reset

Use reset button of modem for a quick reset. You will find Reset button on the front back of the modem. You won’t find it difficult to find as it is clearly marked. Now, press and hold the reset button for five minimum seconds. You may require a thin and non-metallic object to push the button. You can use ballpoint pen for this purpose. After releasing the button, wait for few moments till the reset process is completed.

Power cycle the modem

If your modem does not have a power reset button, then power cycle the modem. Before going ahead, shut down your computer or router whichever is directly connected to the modem. Remove the power cord of modem from the outlet and let it remain unplugged for at-least ten seconds. After reconnecting the modem take a gap of at-least 30 seconds before starting your computer or router again.

Voice Modems

A special modem with a reset button is provided to the customers who subscribe voice or phone service from Comcast. Press and hold the reset button on the front back of your modem using a thin and non-metallic object. Hold till the lights turn off. After releasing the button wait for some time till the modem cycles back and reinitializes. The whole process will take about five minutes to complete. Make sure to restore full functionality to internet and voice servers.

When your router requires constant reboots

If your router slows down when overworked and needs to be restarted again and again, then check below options:

  • Routers memory or processor is overloaded: this may lead to slow speed as more devices are added to home LANs. Overheating also creates trouble with speed. This issue can be fixed by restarting of the router. Unplug and wait for few seconds.
  • Update the firmware: update prevents the router from bogging down and also reminds you to change password which is needed for security reasons.
  • Check power connectors: perform a wiggle test for your router by moving around and jiggling both the AC plug and the router’s power-port. Watch the router’s lights.
  • Perform an automatic reboot: recent routers can be accessed remotely also with the help of your phone.

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