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Gmail Notification on Mobile Phone

It is true that Gmail notification is the key of productivity. If you are not aware with this then it is bad for your productivity, some messages need quick response. But in this busy schedule you don’t have enough time to focus on your mail regularly.

If you use Gmail on your android phone, then you can set up notifications for specific emails, by which you can instantly check your mail and revert on it.

Here’s some steps to get Gmail Notification on Mobile Phone for notification setting-

Step 1: – Decide which emails notification you want

This is the most important part of Gmail setting process, and something difficult to identify. Think about it and work on it, what emails you really, truly need to notify.

It may be some particular person, like your boss or any client. It also may be your office work related, and it may have some specific bodies (study, job etc.). Or it may be some specific address or character.

First of all, we need to create a filter that can identify those emails and assist them with a specific label.

Create filter:

Here is the goal is to receive the notification of specific mail on your android phone. So, you need to set up the process in Gmail’s web.

Open Gmail in your browser, and click on the downward facing arrow at the right of the search box and select setting. Next, select the filters and Blocked addresses tab. Click at the create a new filter link in the middle of the page.

After that a new window will open where you will define your criteria for filter. You can filter it by receiver, sender, keywords, message with an attachment.

When you have finished filling out the given fields, click the create filter with this search link at the bottom of the window.

After that one more window will open, now check the option that says “Apply the label” and create a new label called “Attention”. Once you are done click on create filter.

Step 2: – inform Gmail to notify you about the important messages

Now your important message is all organized under the new label “Attention”, it is time to instruct Gmail to notify you when it receives any mail.

Open up Gmail on your android phone, then open the Gmail app’s main left-side menu. Scroll all the way down, select “Settings” and tap the address of the Gmail account.

After that, make sure the box next to “Notification” is checked. Next, scroll down until you see the line labeled “manage labels”. Tap it, then find the tap the label you just created and make sure the boxes next to “Label Notifications” and “Notify for every message”.

Step 3: – inform Gmail not to notify you about anything else

Now, what setting we do before, it would send you notification of important message whatever you have selected. All that’s left is to turn off all other Gmail notification. The notification can be receiving by beep sound, flash light etc.

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