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Spotify not Responding

Spotify has millions of subscribers as it allows the users to listen to their favourite music online. Sometimes, you face issues with Spotify and Spotify not responding is one of them. There may be various reasons, like Spotify has updated something that is causing an issue.

Restart your Computer

Restarting your computer fixes many issues. This is the simplest solution to start with. Restart your system and see Spotify not responding issue is solved or not.

Check your internet connection

Low internet speed or improper internet connection is the main cause sometimes for this error. Check out if other websites are working or not. If not fix your internet problem.

Clear cache and Flush DNS

If you are able to launch your Spotify web player and its other features are also working fine then there may be a problem in the DNS cache. Try to flush the DNS cache to refresh your PCs DNS. Windows 10 users have to hit “Win +R” and enter “ipconfig/flushdns”.

Task Manager

If you already have an application running in the background, then Spotify stops responding. To find out follow these steps:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del .
  • Task Manger.
  • A dialog box will appear, select the processes tab.
  • Look for “Spotify.exe”. Click on it.
  • Select “End Process”.
  • Now try to open Spotify.

Clearing browser cache and cookies

Cookies and cache remember your important login and other information and help you when you again visit that site. When the information is misremembered, you face the issues like Spotify not responding. Clearing cookies and cache solves the issue and your Spotify starts working again properly.

Steps to clear Spotify cookies:

  • Go to options then Privacy & Security and then Cookies and Site Data.
  • Click on Manage data and type Spotify in the search bar.
  • Cookies generated by the music service will appear here.
  • Click on Remove all shown.
  • Restart Firefox and again try to open Spotify.

Update or change your browser

Spotify’s web browser is no longer working on Safari. Switch to other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera. If you are already using these browsers and still facing the issue, update your browser. If you are using Chrome, go to the three dotted menu button and select “Update Google Chrome”. Firefox users can go to the menu and click Help followed by About Firefox.

Once update is completed, restart your browser and check Spotify.

Check your Firewall

In many cases, firewall or antivirus software cause Spotify application not to respond. Go to your antivirus or firewall settings. From here you can block or unblock certain programs. Unblock Spotify or add it the list of “allowed applications”. Now try to load Spotify application.

Open Spotify on another device.

Close the web player and open Spotify on another device. You can download android app for your Smartphone.

Spotify not responding issue is not uncommon and could be solved easily using above tricks.



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