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Roku error 014 is not uncommon and it usually occurs when the device faces problem in getting connected to Wi-Fi network. It might also result into other errors like error 011. The Roku device has an ability to automatically download any latest software available and install it, when connected to a network. Sometimes, you enter a correct Wi-Fi password and in return you get a pop up saying error 014, here we will discuss how to fix Roku error 014.

1. First thing you can do is to Disable network Pings. You can disable it with the help of Roku remote. Follow these steps to open the Platform Secret Screen:

  • Press the home button five times.
  • Press the forward button.
  • Press Play button.
  • Press the Rewind button.
  • Now press Play button.
  • Press Forward button.

Once the Platform Secret Screen opens, select “Disable network Pings”. This is helpful in resolving any Local Network Error Code issues and you are able to connect to Wi-Fi network again.

2. Software Update is required. If you are not able to point out “Disable network pings”, then you surely need a software update. Now again pick your Roku remote and follow the following steps:

  • Press the home key five times.
  • Press the forward button three times.
  • Now press the Rewind button two times.
  • So, now you will be able to see “Update Software option”.
  • The device will reboot itself before the update.

You can now “Disable network pings” from the menu of the Secret Screen using the procedure discussed previously.
Other tricks you can try are:

  • Try to connect with the Ethernet cable, this may resolve Roku error 014.
  • Use another hooked device.
  • Try to connect to an additional Network.
  • Try these efficient troubleshooting methods, and you will resolve Roku error 014 issue in a short time.

Connect Roku to a new Wi-Fi

  • Power your Roku device.
  • Go to settings followed by network, wireless and set up new Wi-Fi connection.
  • Chose the most appropriate Wi-Fi from the list.
  • Enter the wireless password for your W-Fi.
  • If you can see three green checkmarks it means you have successfully connected to a new Wi-Fi.

Steps to resolve the connectivity issues:

  1. Make sure you are entering correct name for the wireless network.
  2. Enter your password correctly.
  3. See if the router is working properly.
  4. Improve wireless signal strength.
  5. Restart your Roku device and the router.

Check the IP configuration, if the IP address is mentioned as “manual”, change it to “automatic”.

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