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Mozilla Firefox uses the “firefox.exe” program file to run in computers. This is a standard executable file for windows which allows the Firefox to start whenever you click the Firefox icon. When the firefox.exe file functions are interfered with malware or corrupted data, you get error messages and face the issue of Firefox not opening. Continue reading to troubleshoot Firefox to remove harmful software and get your access back to the browser.

Restart Firefox in safe mode

First of all, start Firefox in safe mode by holding down the Shift key and double clicking the Firefox icon. Doing this, your Firefox will restart without certain settings and add-ons. Once the Firefox Safe mode window opens, click on “reset Firefox”, this will restore Firefox to its default state.

If it is still not opening, try the next method to fix the issue.

Check your proxy settings

  • Check your proxy settings by going to the Firefox menu option from the top of the Firefox window.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select “network” option.
  • From the connection portion of the window, click on the “settings” button.
  • In case you are not using any proxy to access the internet, select “No proxy”.
  • Close the connection settings window.
  • Click OK to exit.

Reinstall and update Firefox

Uninstall and reinstall Firefox completely. Download the latest version of Firefox. Always keep your browser updated to the latest version. Upgrades contain bug fixes and a better malware protection.  Try to open Firefox again after reinstallation.

Themes and Extensions

Themes are applied to give a different look to Mozilla Firefox and extensions are used to add new features and enhance existing functions of the browser. Corrupted themes and extensions restrict Firefox from opening or accessing the internet. On opening Firefox in safe mode, themes, extensions and hardware acceleration gets disabled.

Malware infection

Malware is an online threat used by hackers to damage programs and computer systems. Download any malware, anti-virus or anti-spyware scanning program and scan your system. You may get several viruses or pieces of malware.  After the malicious files are removed, restart your computer and open Firefox.

Change Firefox profile settings

Profile manager of Mozilla Firefox saves your personal information and user preferences. If You find out that your profile settings are corrupted, delete your current profile and create a new one. Use below steps:

  • Close Firefox.
  • Press Windows + R keys from your keyboard.
  • A dialogue box will appear.
  • Type “firefox.exe-p” and press Enter.
  • From here choose user profile window.
  • Delete the faulty profile from here.
  • Press the “Delete files” button to confirm.
  • Now create a new profile from “Create profile” button.
  • Follow the prompts.

Try above method to solve the issue of Firefox not opening.

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