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Facebook news feed not working, means you are not able to see any update from your friends and the pages you have liked. The issues like Facebook newsfeed not working or news feed keeps loading old data again and again are very common. In this article we, will discuss the common causes and fixes for the problem Facebook news feed not loading.

Some common causes of Facebook newsfeed not working issue

  • Net connection is Slow or improper.
  • Facebook is down and undergoing maintenance.
  • wrong preferences are set for the news feed.
  • Facebook get bad application data or its installation files are corrupted.
  • An update is required.
  • Date and time is incorrect.
  • You are using Facebook on an older device.

Now to fix the issue check out below methods

Check news feed preferences

Facebook news feed preferences allows you to decide what you want to see in the news feed. It has two main options -top stories and recent. Top stories are selected by default and to see recent stories more, change the preferences manually.  You can also choose which feed you want to see first according to your interest. Follow the below steps to set news feed preferences:

  • Navigate to the News feed from main page of Facebook. Click on the three dots.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Choose the type of newsfeed from top stories and most recent.
  • You can go to Edit preferences to further customize your news feed.
  • Restart your browser and launch Facebook again.

Check your internet connection

Many times, slow internet connection slows down the speed of loading. Users with limited internet connection generally have problem in fetching the newsfeeds. Some organizations or public places have limited access for applications like Facebook or Instagram. In that case switch to your mobile data or try to change your network.

Check Facebook downtime

When Facebook is down due to some technical reasons or fixing of bugs etc. it creates problem at the backend servers. Check if this is the reason of your problem. If you find other people are also facing the same issue then wait for some time till it gets fixed.

Clearing application data (Android users only)

Android users, use the steps below to fix the issue:

  • Go to settings and click on Apps.
  • Search for Facebook in the list and click on storage.
  • Click on both options- Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Now open Facebook and try to load the newsfeed.

Install the latest version of Facebook

Look for the latest version of Facebook to get updated features of Facebook. From the Play store look for any update on your Facebook app, if available update it. iOS device users can update it from the App store.

Update the date and time

Your local time and geographical time should match, otherwise you will have a problem in loading the news feed.

Make sure that there is enough space in RAM of your mobile device and if you are using an old model or outdated version of Smartphone, news feed will take longer time to load.


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