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In Facebook news feed you can see updates and posts of the pages you have liked or subscribed. Sometimes, your news feed stops refreshing on your Facebook and the page appears to be blank. If you are among the ones who have suddenly started facing the issue of Facebook news feed not loading, check out some simple fixes for that.

Prioritize pages and profiles

You can prioritize pages and profiles to get what you want to see first in your news feed. If you are using Facebook on a desktop site, see the option of news feed on the left-hand side. After clicking on news-feed you will get an option of “Edit preferences” where the first option is “Prioritize who to see first.”

Facebook also reminds you about your past post and give an update on “On this day”, which you can share again on your page.

Some steps to solve the issue of Facebook news not feeding

See the steps below to solve this issue:

  • Clean cache memory and temporary data by going to your web browser’s settings or preferences. The method is different for every browser version and the operating system.
  • Sometimes this issue is due to a third-party browser extension. If you are using a third-party browser extension, it may interrupt with loading of Facebook newsfeed page. In this case, you need to disable the add-ons and then visit the site again. If your news feed is loading again, your problem is solved.
  • Try to change the browser. if you are using Facebook in Chrome, then try to login Facebook in different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari or other.
  • Refreshing the screen is also a solution to resolve the issue. If you are using computer, just hold down Ctrl key and tap the letter R key, this will reload the page. You might be able to see newsfeed again now.
  • If may a site glitch also. You can report the issue in this case. From the triangular drop-down menu go to settings and log out. Now select “Report a problem” and click on “something isn’t working”. You will get a contact report form, attach a screenshot of to explain the issue more clearly.

Try above fixes and your Facebook news feed not loading problem will be resolved.


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